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Corduroy Double organizations with weft weave system, and then the cut pile finish, leaving it wick-like cashmere cloth fabric, also known as corduroy.

Corduroy cotton based raw materials generally, there are and polyester, acrylic, spandex and other fibers blended or interwoven. Corduroy with a wide range of yarns, the yarn used 18-48tex (32-12 British branch) yarn, or 10tex × 2-28tex × 2 (60/2-21/2 British branch) strand; Weft common 14.5-36tex (40-16 British branch) yarn. Organized by a group of two sets of weft and warp double weft interwoven organizations, to organize a plain weave, twill, weft equality. To constitute the weft and warp woven cloths, woven cashmere weft and warp yarn to form a column terry, terry by terry will cut through the brush pile after finishing, the fabric surface to form a towering corduroy cashmere. Organized by a group of two sets of weft and warp double weft interwoven organizations. Dense corduroy fabric is high latitude, the tightness of 35% to -65%, weft 110% -200% tightness. Wei Wei and velvet to the arrangement of the ratio of 1: 2, 1: 3.

Many different types of corduroy. According to the thickness and cashmere, is divided into special thin strips (19 or more / 2.54cm), thin strips (15-19 / 2.54cm), in section (9-14 bar / 2.54cm), thick strips (6-8 / 2.54cm), width (6 seq / 2.54cm), and the bar (thickness and white) corduroy, corduroy by the users generally thick strand, weft yarn used; In both the warp and weft corduroy With a single yarn; Fine corduroy yarn can also be used strands.

Used by different yarn structure, yarn, corduroy into full, half-line corduroy, corduroy across the board; By different processing technology, is divided into dyed corduroy, printed corduroy, yarn-dyed jacquard corduroy and corduroy (Jacquard Corduroy Local fluff, to create various patterns). Cashmere corduroy rounded fullness, hair wear, texture, thick, soft, warm and good. Mainly used for men, women, old, young clothing, footwear, but also to do a furniture fabrics, handicrafts, toys and so on.

Corduroy scrub hard when washing is not appropriate, nor is appropriate to force a hard scrub brush, to use the soft scrub brush gently along the direction of hair, not ironing, collecting when they should not pressure to keep down the fullness, stands.
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