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5, Thakor Estate,
Behind Rahil Weigh Bridge,
Narol Circle
Ahmedabad - 380005
Gujarat (INDIA)

Phone : +91 79 25731376

Aslam Mansuri Mo. : +91 9376138300

Anis Mansuri Mo. :  +91 9925802131

Fax      :+(91)-(79)-25731376

E-mail : classictextiles801@yahoo.in

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We are a manufacture specialized in Polyester corduroy fabric.  As the pioneer of design and manufacture of Polyester corduroy fabric folow by internationl  Standard with advanced technology and excellent staffs in india.
Its development strategy is to provide high quality corduroy  fabrics and excellent service to customers.  We guaranteed products at a competitive price and high soft touch quality.
At present, our products have a very good sale in domestic and overseas market.
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